The most effective method of denial in all situations.
"You blazed yet?"

"Nah G."
by sexmander February 17, 2012
When your G says some retarded shit
Your Bro: You like men?
You: Nah G
by Yessir2019 December 11, 2019
A word commonly used by youths or roadmen in the United Kingdom. It translates to No Mate or Bro, 'g' typically means mate or bro, or whatever you'd call a close friend. It can be used in numerous situations and is typically used around a close friend.
Dave: Oi Cole g, you got any zoot on ya my g?

Cole: Nah g
by The Dank Meme July 10, 2018
used like no but in a modern way
April: wanna hang out tomorrow?
Evan: Nah g
by Annabelle Xylo November 24, 2020
when saying it, you have to sound mysterious. almost like the end of a cowboy movie where the hero walks off into the sunset, never to be seen again. say it when someone asks you for something. NOT IN ANY OTHER CIRCUMSTANCES.
friend: “hey bro, will you come to the shop with me to pick up some bread?”
me: *looks at friend and lights a cigarette* “nah g, nah.” *walks off into sunset*
by _heatopia420blazeitdawg July 17, 2019
A phrase often used in Among Us Gameplay and is a phrase to describe someone's lying about there positioning or if they are an imposter.
Alicia: I was in MedBay
Reily: Nah g that's cap
by Frobo V2 September 23, 2020