cool, someone with an attitude and style..
don't mess with me.. i'm nafis!
by Nafis February 12, 2004
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The sweetest guy on the planet. Has a way of making you feel comfortable and secure without you even realising. One you don't want to let go of without a fight!! One in a million, billion, trillion!!!
Girl 1: Ahhh that guy hes really really nice

Girl 2: Yeahh, hes defo a Nafi

Girl 1: Yep, hes a keeper.
by miraclez March 9, 2012
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An anogram that debuted in the 90's in South-Africa and possibly other places of the world.... It stands for "No Ambition and Fuck-all Interest".....Certianly one of the best anograms around.
Person 1: Dude, wazzup with you? Why you not chillin' with a smile on your face?

Person 2: Sorry bro', I'm uber-NAFI today....Got work tomorrow man.

Person 1: Aw that's savage dude, here, have a joint.

Person 2: Sweet :)
by Apathyerror September 2, 2004
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an overall great guy.
hes talented, nice, and is modest.
he has a bright future, whether he knows it or not.
Yeah, his name is Nafis.
by Mira Boldie June 20, 2010
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Nafis is a very sexy specimen. He is the king of the world but was overthrown by Nafis Gabriel. They merged and became one. Now, to this day, Nafis is a 5 10' inch boy with an impeccible touch for detail. His smile can raise the soul of dead spirits. Nafis uses black magic to capture the attention of the opposite gender jk. He attracts me a lot. I love him but i cant show it. jk im not gay. Nafis is life
Nafis is a back bencher.
by fifii<3 March 13, 2018
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The name of someone who can be cool and usually has glasses. They most likely were born in April, and they can speak french! A person named Nafy usually dislikes horror movies. However, they most likely have a huge obsession with an a cappella group.
My friend LOVES pentatonix
“Is her name Nafy?”
“How did you know?”
by holybiblepeppa September 11, 2021
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The funniest girl ever she is very cute nice and gives people love and attention and she is very very generous
Nafi is so funny 😂 hahahah
by Skidding January 7, 2019
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