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Nadeem is the sweet kind of guy. A Nadeem has the rare combination of tough body enclosing a soft heart. You really have to live with a Nadeem to understand who He really is. He is a good human being and a passionate lover. Whoever has Nadeem as boyfriend or husband has a reserve of Platinum. Know how to keep him as Nadeem is usually very susceptible. This is the result of having a good heart. A Nadeem will live well with you if you haven't hurt him. His mistake is that he awaits the same thing happening to him not realising that the heart he possesses has no match. A Nadeem is the perfect person to commit with but he needs to be reassured from time to time. He is the subtle kind of guy, asking a question he already knows the answer, esp. to his lover, but needs to hear the answer from her mouth.
sis: hey bro, i think I'm in love. The guy's so perfect. I just can't stand a second without thinking of him. Yes I'm in love. I'm definitely Marrying him.

bro: and his Name is Nadeem, right?

sis: Yeah, but how did you guess?

bro: wasn't that difficult. Nadeems are perfect through any angle. Go ahead. Marry him. You'll not regret it!
by babe777 October 14, 2011
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