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Nadeem is the sweet kind of guy. A Nadeem has the rare combination of tough body enclosing a soft heart. You really have to live with a Nadeem to understand who He really is. He is a good human being and a passionate lover. Whoever has Nadeem as boyfriend or husband has a reserve of Platinum. Know how to keep him as Nadeem is usually very susceptible. This is the result of having a good heart. A Nadeem will live well with you if you haven't hurt him. His mistake is that he awaits the same thing happening to him not realising that the heart he possesses has no match. A Nadeem is the perfect person to commit with but he needs to be reassured from time to time. He is the subtle kind of guy, asking a question he already knows the answer, esp. to his lover, but needs to hear the answer from her mouth.
sis: hey bro, i think I'm in love. The guy's so perfect. I just can't stand a second without thinking of him. Yes I'm in love. I'm definitely Marrying him.

bro: and his Name is Nadeem, right?

sis: Yeah, but how did you guess?

bro: wasn't that difficult. Nadeems are perfect through any angle. Go ahead. Marry him. You'll not regret it!
by babe777 October 14, 2011
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Nadeems are amazing guys with hot ass jaw lines, there so caring and kind when you need them and will always be there for you, there supper hot with a great body and great sexy looks. They can be a jack ass at times, and get cut easily! Nadeem is a person you will always want be with and date! But be careful girls because when a nadeem likes you and you reject them, you will never get the opportunity again to date him and trust me you will regret it!! Nadeems love girls who arnt dumb and annoying they love hot sexy girls with long hair best bod and intelligent enough to give a witty reply to his nasty jokes! Nadeems are amazing men who all girls secretly wanna date!
Girl 1: shit there goes nadeem again, god he’s so sexy

Girl 2: he asked me out last week and I turned him down
Girl 1: you idiot your so gonna regret that!
by My name Jeff16 September 02, 2018
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The best piece of ass you'll ever see in the world and his dick is as long the distance in between mercury and Neptune 16 times and the distance of the work 100000 times
That's a Nadeem just look at that ass
by fuck boobs 98 October 03, 2018
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Nadeem is a insanely handsome guy who whenever you go into public want to get his number right away. He has a strong tough body and is usually not serious but becomes serious in the right moments. When you become friends with Nadeem you want to stay his friend and never leave him. he has beautiful curly wavy hair. He loves to relax and kick it back but also enjoys staying with his friends at the mall. He is very Intelligent and usually will be in advanced classes getting top grades. He is the perfect kind of guy and has lots of experience in loving. Nadeem is a Athletic beast and is always active. If Nadeem likes you or is one of your friends keep it that way and don't lose him because you won't find anyone better
Whoa did you see that guy he is so cool
yeah he is the best
did you get his name
yeah it was Nadeem
by xd DeadShot December 26, 2018
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Nadeem an amazing down to earth guy who will treat everyone right. He can make everyone laugh but he takes the most care with his girl he will make you feel like the only person he's ever seen. If you get a chance with him go for it.
He is also a nerd and is likely best friends with an Adam.
Girl 1 : Who is that

Girl 2: my boyfriend nadeem he make me feel like im the only girl who mattered
by Doomcrasher200 December 03, 2018
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