A good kid,nice,funny, and wack. Usually tall and very good looking. Likes to make others happy. Has light brown hair and is built.
by Jdisisff October 16, 2019
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Nachi is a very beautiful and tantalizing girl, but if u mess with her she will give u one slap.
by alrletsgo December 29, 2022
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nachi is a mumu
by alrletsgo December 28, 2022
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nachi is the most beautiful guy you’ll ever see. he’s so smart and passionate, he could literally archive anything he puts his mind into. he’s more on the introverted side, a little shy but whenever he opens his mouth he says the funniest things that will make you fall in love with him. he’s also very brave, he’s been through many things but has always managed to keep going. he may appear as very cold-hearted, but once he makes a connection and is comfortable with you he can be the most sweet and loving person ever. he deserves everything good in this world and will most certainly archive everything he dreams of. if you have a nachi in your life don’t let them go, you have no idea how lucky you are.
A: omg he’s sooo handsome and funny, do u know him?
B: yes!! he’s nachi.
by okvpa November 23, 2021
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