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A last name of someone who is usually really awesome, funny, nice and just a fucking cool person overall. No one can ever hate them because its one of the seven deadly sins. They are usually a fan on Avenged Sevenfold, which makes them even more fucking awesome because A7X is the shit.
You're last name must be Nabors
by CatDogISTHESHITNIGGA October 08, 2011
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A title given to one who shall not be named. Deriving from the word 'neighbor', the name instills a sense of underground mystery and or secrecy as if the one who gives said person the title does not wish to release any further information about that person. Once acquired, this title cannot be reversed.
Guy: Yeah so I went to this awesome party with br-.....uh, I mean, my nabor.

Friend: Who is your neighbo-

Guy: SOOO, about that party, it was great
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A family of ugly nerdy latinos that live in windermere. They are besically batard and Chris thinks hes a pimp but hes really not
"Oh man i am so retarded" says chris
by zach a March 22, 2005
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