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Stands for "Nigga What The Fuck!", not like the other "NWTF", "Now What The Fuck".

The phrase is used for a moment of feeling gifted(a moment of just something wrong for or something bad happened to the person), or looking at something funny or someone that just needs to quit life.

When using the phrase, don't say the word as NWTF!, but say it as NIGGA WHAT THE FUCK!!. Say it with speed and emphasis. The correct way of actually saying "NWTF" is saying "Oh man, my girl said I couldn't cut today cause she was on her period, biggest NWTF moment of the week".
Me: Hey man, listen to this song by Oj Da Juice Man.
Friend: Ight. (Three minutes later). Man that was the biggest NWTF moment ever.

Friend:You ready to fuck?
Girlfriend: Yeah... (Kid busts through the door).
by Chiilinbrah July 25, 2010
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Short for "Now What The F*ck?"

From an Ohio news story where a woman's license plate was determined to be obscene.

This may be the first case where the DMV has coined a hip phrase.
Your name is Niple? NWTF?
by Mr.Toast August 04, 2006
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Internet abbreviation for "Now what the f*ck?"

Recently became newsworthy when a 74 year old woman received a complaint from the BMV in Columbus, Ohio that her vanity plate with the letters "NWTF" "violates the agency's standards against profanity." (AP) The letters actually stand for a business, "Northwood Tree Farm," she ran with her husband.
Jimmy: "OMG! I can't believe what I just saw on CNN."
Jane: "NWTF happened?
by Melissa Renee Saint Hilaire August 04, 2006
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now what the fuck / not worth the fuck
74-year-old Ohio resident Pat Niple has been forced to rescind her vanity license plates after she received a letter from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles stating that the online acronym "NWTF" now violates their profanity standards.
Niple said the plates were acquired by her late husband, an abbreviation for their christmas tree business, Northwood Tree Farm. She has said that she plans on appealing the decision.
During a visit to the BMV, she asked them what the offending phrase is. A whispering clerk responded that it started with "now what the."--ShortNews
by John Padavic August 04, 2006
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supposedly it means now what the fuck, according to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
My "NWTF" license plate got banninated by the nazis at the Ohio BMV.
by Chuck Chuck bo Buck August 04, 2006
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NWTF is an extension of WTF meaning "Nipply What The Fuck". It is the proper exclamation upon seeing a mother breastfeeding in public.
by Frank Questiojones August 04, 2006
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