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NWM is naturomatic wellness management, NWM is a new alternative complimentary noninvasive drugless psycho-yogic therapy.
NWM can diagnose treat rehabilitate rejuvenate and relax
by Team NWM May 28, 2018
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NWM is an abbreviation for No Worries Mate or No Worries Man.

NWM is a friendlier form of NW (No Worries). Use it to signify that everything is OK or sorted out at the end of a discussion.

BTW, "mate" here refers to friend or buddy, i.e., the Aussie meaning.
Q: Is everything ready?
A: Yup, nwm.
by scruzin October 09, 2010
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Abbreviation for: Niggers with money. Generally used to describe the eccentric habits of nouveau riche African Americans.
African American 1: That nigga Kentrell just got a zebra striped Ferrari.
African American 2: N.W.M... nigga... N.W.M.
by KentrellLee February 16, 2012
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norf west manz are a group of ruff gangsters who live in the ghettos of london. they are very top, and are quite violent. they use force without warning, and give all the "heads" in the area a lot of beatings. they are a real group who are very top.
"ayy blad dont fuck wid da NWM. we are top boiz for life, never mess wid us. anymanz dat try it are gonna get fucked up. any manz dat are off it are gonna get boied off and jacked."- quote from a NWM man.
by Norf west Man August 23, 2005
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