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an amazing TV show that involves mathematician Charlie Eppes who uses his knowledge to help his brother, Don Eppes, solve complex crimes for the FBI.

while some people may think that using math is lame and it could never happen, you'd be surprised to know that this show is pretty bad-ass and awesome.

it airs on CBS every friday at 10pm
"have you seen the latest episode of NUMB3RS yet?"
"no! omg what happened?"
"charlie used his wicked math skills to catch a serial killer, again."

by CHARLIEisLOVE September 30, 2007
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Numb3r stands for "Number" in an interesting alphanumeric language that is becoming increasingly popular in the information age.

Th3 W4y W3 U53 Numb3r Th30ry.
(The Way We Use Number Theory, with 0=O,3=E,4=A and 5=S.)

by S.G.Seetharam September 07, 2006
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