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Nuchie is a 14 year old African American boy, who inspires other young boys and girls to be "ghetto", "cool", "hip", "radicle" and "majestic" in all froms. It is not known where Nuchie's parents or kindred originally migrated from; however we do know that he is currently living in the city of Brooklyn, New York. He is the proud owner of of the notorious BIG BOIS CHURCH AND SPA, and BIG BOIS CRUISE LINE. Only a select few persons are aloud to visit Nuchie, since he is heavily guarded and protected from small bois known as "spizikes". Nuchie can also be used as an adjective to describe someone, or something.
That Indian over there is so nuchie.

Ey yo Boomtika, go tell Nuchie babe dat we ready to go jack dat bois swag.
by NuchieBaby May 18, 2011
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