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Nasty Love Handles: When an obnoxiously fat girl tries to fit into a top 3 sizes too small and you can see the fat rolls around the braline, that is NLH, or Nasty Love Handles.
Friend A: <points> "Hey, that girl has NLH. Ewwww!"
Friend B: <laughing> "Dumbass, that's your MOM!"
Friend A: <gags> "My eyes, my eyes! Gouge them out!"
by T.R.I. January 29, 2006
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NLH stands for nigger lovin hoe. As in, when a white women is with a black man, Either sexually or just dating, but with each other none the less. Can refer to a black women and white man but almost always refers to white women and a black male.
Damn, look at that sexy white girl with that black dude, its a shame she's an NLH,
by mr mercer June 20, 2010
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