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Not In That Way. Used when somebody has said something that may be take the wrong way. Mainly when one person has a dirty mind.
Alex : He didn't come.
Emma : LOL!
Alex : NITW!!!
by AlexLynch April 16, 2006
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1. Acronym short for "Not In That Way"; typically appended to a directly preceding comment during a chat to indicate that any seeming innuendo within the previous comment was unintentional.

2. Acronym for "Not In This World"; used as a response to an overly optimistic or otherwise unlikely comment, to assert the unlikelihood of such an event actually occurring.

Other Uses:
1. Acronym for "National Institute of Technology, Warangal"; Established in 1959, and formerly known as the Regional Engineering College, this Indian institute of higher learning has an emphasis on academic programmes based within engineering, pure science, and management disciplines, as well as supporting research programmes covering a broad range of studies.
2. Acronym for "Night In The Woods"; A very well received, narrative-heavy indie adventure game set within a world of anthropomorphic characters.
1. "Yeah, his bike is awesome. I wish he'd give me a ride." "NITW!"
2. "I'm sure if you just explain it, people will understand." "Pssh, NITW."
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by SphericalSyndrome December 10, 2017
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