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An acronym for No Fat White Chicks. Commonly used by black dudes who don't adhere to the stereotype of dating white girls who have their own orbit.
DeAndre: What's good man?
LeMarcus: Chillin' dawg, have you seen my girl?
DeAndre: You mean that real thick white bitch--she look like she weigh 'bout 350?
LeMarcus: Hell yea nigga. She fuckin' dope huh? Want me to hook you up with one of her friends? They be just as thick as she is.
DeAndre: Fuck you nigga, I'm NFWC for life. Ain't shit pretty 'bout a fat ass white girl.
by bryri January 07, 2011
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An acronym for "no fucking way, cunt". An expression of disagreement.
Brave knight: Can I please cross this enchanted bridge?
Troll: NFWC, cunt.
Brave knight: Ah, you used the 'C' and "cunt": how redundant.
Troll: Fuck off, cunt.
by Romario April 29, 2008
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