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What you have to say after anything happens. Yes, anything.
Wanna go out for some sushi?

by Cheesebadger January 11, 2005
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Badass song by the band Disturbed. It's off of the 2010 Album "Asylum" but was released for free download on August 25, 2010 (Because the band is full of really cool guys). The song, written by Orthodox Jewish frontman David Draiman, deals mainly with the Holocaust. It means to bring awareness to the Jewish people's suffering, denounce Holocaust Denial, and remind everyone that Draiman is both proud and sorrowful that his people were persecuted. Sad that it happened, proud that they got through it and that it will happen NEVER AGAIN.
Guy: Have you heard the new Disturbed track?
Other guy: NEVER AGAIN! Yeah, man!
The first guy: Rockin' song, dude.
That other guy again: True
by disturbed/in/BOSTON August 27, 2010
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