By extension with CODA/KODA (Child/Kid of Deaf Adults) and SODA (Sibling of a Deaf Adult), we have NERDA (Not Even Related to a Deaf Adult), for hearing people involved in the Deaf community who are ... well, NERDAs.
Who, me, a CODA? Nah, I'm just another NERDA.
by sparkbot April 18, 2011
Opposite of ferda, i.e. not for the boys
You’re nerda for ditching gaming with the boys for some girl
by Easy money December 2, 2020

Female nerd, opposite of Nerdo
Christina is a Nerda
by A Nerdo July 22, 2010
a geekky dude who's last name is Dirda and wears NERDY ass glasses
wow there goes a NerDa
by mrcupz December 20, 2005
having the right information at the right time - requires a nerda
nerda on the beat ---> drake in 'nice for what'
by headlooper November 19, 2018