Acronym for Non-Committal Hug (pronounced Nick-huh?). This is similar to a Non-Committal Makeout (NCMO), but for people that believe any sort of lip locking will result in them being damned to Hell for all eternity.
I got at least 20 NCH's from extended family members tonight. I totally scored!
by A Merrill Man April 7, 2009
The shorten nick name for the Naperville Central High School. In short this school is located in the middle of Naperville just outside of the downtown. One of four high schools in this wealthy area it. Though many in the area and extremely weather the school is rundown and leaks when it rains (and sometime when it doesn't). This will all be changing in the near future many hope though with the new additions being added and the tear downs that are in the near future
"Dude where do you go to school, dog?"
"Freaking NCHS"
"Dang that sucks"

"Naperville Central... it's a dump but it's our dump" - former principle Jim Claudell (before he was fired for NCHS stealing a speech for the 08 graduation ceremony)
by a fellow redhawk March 31, 2009
Just a bunch of dudes getting together for brunch. IT'S NOT GAY, DAMMIT!
Hey, bro, wanna get bro-nch tomorrow?

Yeah, dude! I love bro-nch!
by That One Guy Who Submitted September 2, 2012
Stands for N****s Can't Have Shit. Mostly used when an inconvenient thing has happened.
If someone slaps your DELICIOUS Cinnabon outta your hands, you say "Maaaaaan, NCHS!"
by Pooping In A Sink May 1, 2022
NCHS (No Coochie Havin' Syndrome) is a serious physical disorder affecting around 21.3% of males. Its a disorder stemming form the lack of coochie, hence the name NCHS.

One of the only cures know as of June 2020 are female patients with LOD, also know as LOD-Syndrome (Lack Of Dick Syndrome)
Bro 1: Bro, i am seriously suffering from NCHS

Bro 2: You should find youself a bitch with LOD-Syndrome
Non-Consentual Hoes are people who hit you I up all the time but you never want them to, but you deal with it anyways. You'll usually act interested when you're really not, but they don't know it. They will most likely follow you around if you actualy know them. If you only know them through social media they will most likely text you and be the most annoying people who will hit on you ever.
Person A : Hey we're are your usual NCH's ?
Person B : I don't know but thank god they're not mobbing me right now

Person B : ugh that girl is texting me again
Person A : aww you got yourself an NCH man
by CakeForDayZ September 3, 2019