The fighter, the warrior, the meme. Naynay is the modern definition of a warrior. She is assertive, intelligent, real, goofy, and she does not take b.s from anybody. She lives her authentic self. She fights every day to be the best version of herself.
by Británica September 20, 2021
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A suffix suited for almost any girl's name.

It adds spunk and sparkle.

This suffix is easily overused as it is found to fit so perfectly.
Avernaynay: Hey Nanaynay, what's that girl's name?
Nanaynay: Oh thats Jennaynay!

Avernaynay: Oh yea! She's one of Amelianaynay's bffl's!
by naomiinomess June 4, 2013
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where you live. your immediate area of residence. your neighbourhood.
'we're having a block party in the naynay this weekend. you should come.'
by pfahlert July 6, 2005
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A term used when you don't have a good comeback.
person1: Yo momma's so ugly that she could pass for chubaka's brother.
person2: Yeah?! Well go shove it up your pa-naynay!
by Tori & Maria Ellemenos July 11, 2008
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