I can't believe we have to call him N Word Jim now. Mark Twain must be rolling over in his grave.
by Mart Adler June 30, 2008
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A Very Racist word but if used properly under supervison it can be a punchline to your joke or a good way to describe a Gangster....It is also known if you and your white friends are going to use the word refer to the person you are talking about as "N Word Jim" as Peter Giffen did in family guy and it was accepted by the black man. Also used if you want to make a joke to or around your balck friend (named Jim or not)
Black Man: That is our word u do not use it as yours!!!
Peter Griffen: N Word Jim can you please pass that ore.
Black Man: Thats Better..(Passes Ore)

Hey N Word Jim!!!

N Word Jim??
by Chandler Bachtold November 27, 2008
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