Myf is an acronym for My fault

Ppl from Philly might use this in a text
Myf I ain’t mean to call u
by charthestar February 2, 2021
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Mom you're fucking.
Hey Gus, are you free tonight, or do you have plans with that MYF you told me about?
by Rhodes078 June 13, 2009
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myf means my fault . same with my bad. its how some people apologize without saying sorry
*steps on shoes*
myf i wasnt looking
by lai. May 27, 2021
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Miss Your Face
Slang text/sms language used to describe when you miss someone being around.
I myf friend!! when you coming home?
by JDMusgrave October 13, 2008
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Miss Your Face , used in text language and web messages!!!
by JDMusgrave!!! October 8, 2008
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When people move their files. Either in the physical sense or in the internet.
Bitch, you better MYF. Move your files from box to google drive.

You better remove those nude photos before they are hacked. MYF to the non-cloud.
by aam471 June 21, 2019
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