Thats my mail pls dont be a asshole thank you
by XintexGames July 07, 2021
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An expression used to refer to prophecies or words of knowledge, gifts of the Holy Spirit, that are extremely specific and give details about the person about whom the prophecy or word of knowledge is given that could not be known naturally. This term is used as slang in some Pentecostal, Charismatic and so-called 'Third Wave' churches where prophecy occurs.
That preacher I met on the streets last night told me all about myself. He got a word of knowledge that I had a problem with my wrist, and prayed for it and it was healed. His prophecies were so specific. He read my mail.
by DaMan72 November 06, 2010
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Knowing my thoughts and views without being told.
So, do you want to do a three-way?
You've been reading my mail, honey.
by octopod November 22, 2003
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