A running gag in Spongebob where a fish named Fred Rechid who is brown constantly screams "MY LEG" whenever some chaos is happening.
Fred: "Well warm up those friers!! Cause I am hungry for one... HELP HELP!!

**Mr Krabs picks up Fred and throws him out of the Krusty Krab**

Fred: MY LEG!!!

Mr Krabs: Can't you see we're closed!!!
by Mustafa Greene March 5, 2014
When there is chaos happening in a SpongBob episode, someone random always screams "MY LEG!" accompanied by screams and yells of terror by other creatures/characters.
*Plankton takes over Bikini Bottom, background turns red.*

Everyone screams.

Random Dude: "MY LEG!!!"
by letsdothisnow May 2, 2010
If you get harmed physically or mentally in anyway just yell "my leg!"
"Spongebob, be careful wit- *dink* *ripping sound* MY LEG!"
by ishkeefGahBoyz300 August 13, 2016
An unknown, random response or statement used with people who have nothing better to say.
Oh hey dude! Wanna smoke!?!? No but you can smoke MY LEGS.
by itslitdude September 21, 2015
Used when your in a tuff situation and dont know how to explain yourself, also can mean that someone just got roasted and u dont know what to say
she broke up with you? My leg
by Tre Guyzer February 13, 2018
When somebody says something so outrageous, that the only appropriate response is "Oh My Leg."
"My pp is bigger than yours." said by Girl (Usually named Gina, Tina, Selena, or Eliana.)
"Bruh, Oh My Leg." said by Man
by Ren44 January 2, 2020
Like “twist my arm”, to convince someone to do something , usually used in a sarcastic way
“Dude, just ask her out”
Fine, stomp on my leg
by banana69420 August 28, 2021