A superlative that is meant to express the highest form of something, to be so excessively "verb" that your penis is actually, or has the potential of, metaphorically falling off. Not meant to actually mean that your penis is detached from one's body. Can be used by both male and female parties.
Thought to be another form of "my ass off" as in "laughing my ass off."
Example 1:
John: "Ey, I haven't slept for three days, I'm sleepy"
Robert: "I haven't slept for five days, I'm really sleepy!"
Patrick: "I haven't slept for a month, I'm sleepy my dick off!"

Example 2:
Michael: "Dude, could you pick me up a free water?"
David: "Why don't you pick one up yourself at the concession stand?"
Michael: "Because I'm thirsty my dick off, but I'm also 'not wanting to pay 5 dollars for a water' my dick off"

Example 3:
Paul: "Damn, check out that girl over there, she's so fine"
Richard: "Hell yeah, she's sexy my dick off"
by TheSnowman1 October 13, 2010
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A term describing when you are so mad you are going to rage quit. (Usually used in gaming).
(Someone just RDM'd you)

"Fuc*! I'm going to rip my dick off!!
by Nitro Blaster May 19, 2014
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When it's the coldest you've ever been.
I'm freezing my dick off in here! It's the fucking coldest I've ever been!
by downtimedanny February 25, 2016
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Usually used when you are frustrated with yourself, such as losing your keys, or losing at Trivia HQ when your on the last question. Not to be confused with Get the fuck off my dick.
by holveck May 2, 2018
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to break someone's heart but not be romantically afflicted with said person
"He broke my heart but you cut my dick off!"
by 10keys October 28, 2020
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Its phrase/ figure of speech that means like ''you got to be kidding me''
U Gotta Be Yankin My Dick Off if you think you can fit more girl in your sudan than i can fit in my van
by SHLAMY August 25, 2019
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