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Pakistani or Arab term used for someone that excels or over-achieves. Usually used as a congratulatory or praising remark.
Actual Muznas are a rare find. Many fakes are in circulation as parents attempt to influence their female offspring's personality and destiny by naming them Muzna.
Pull a Muzna.
You did it! Muzna job, dude!
Isn't that such a Muzna thing to do?
by Muzna June 22, 2006
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Muzna is a girl who is loved by everyone. She is kind, pretty, and she’s overall perfect. She tries to please everyone, even when she can’t. Her beauty is indescribable; her beauty is one of an angel. Her voice is as angelic as her beauty; she has a very cute and soft voice that will make any guy fall in love with her. Her taste in clothes is unmatchable; she makes unpopular clothes popular, makes hated things loved, and her opinion is needed in every decision made about style. We can’t live without a muzna in our life.
I know a Muzna, and she’s everything that is good in our life.

Have you seen that pretty girl ? I bet her name is Muzna.
by 3ww June 29, 2019
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