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someone who is clearly pissed off, shitty and in a mood and it blatantly shows. They have a face like they have eaten a spoon full of mustard
"check out the mustard face on her, she is not happy about that!"
by half baked Jake April 02, 2010
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A Latin American individual who doesn't speak Spanish only English with a Keanu Reeves accent.
I met a few authentic Mustard Faces in El Paso, Texas, last night at Valero!
by Young Cat Meat July 29, 2009
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The facial expression achieved when you're taking a gigantic size bite out of a hamburger/hotdog and you expect ketchup but itstead it's fucking loaded with mustard.
"You should have seen that kid's mustard face after I falcon punched him in the testicles. Priceless."

"That old woman had a perfect mustard face after I crop dusted that elevator."
by Red Fingaz May 04, 2009
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