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Main Entry:Musket shot
Pronunciation:\ˈmes-kət\ \shot\
Function: noun
Etymology:(Derived from Slaterism, Conlonism, and or Nielsenism) Common term used amongst close friends(i.e. locker room, garage, bar room, sexual engagement)
Date: Circa 2008
Def: Defined as: When a male counterpart ejaculates (i.e. blows his load) into a females mouth, proceeded by packing the wad using genitals; (i.e. stuffing his load down her throat with his cock)follwed by the female orally discharging "the load" into/onto another female.
Ex: Joe face fucks Susan untill he cums in her mouth, then stuffs the load down her throat. Susan proceeds by spliting the load into Becky's face therefor giving Becky the "Musket Shot"
by Slater,Conlon, and Nielsen January 18, 2008
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A fart when one's ass-crack is packed with a white powder, such as baking soda, baby powder, cornstarch, etc. The fart produces an effect that is visually similar to that of firing a musket.
Neil had bad gas, so he packed his ass-crack full of baby powder and unloaded a musket shot on Hansel's face.
by Cristobal Carbonero November 09, 2007
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A drinking technique where one shotguns a beer but has someone pour a shot of whisky through the open top of the can while shotgunning. This symbolizes the pouring of gun powder in a musket. Hence, the musket shot. Invented by us: Follow link for instructions on how to do a musket shot.
Guy 1 "Hey man, you wanna shotgun later?"

Guy 2 "Only if we're doing musket shots!"
by Brike December 18, 2008
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To put a small stick like object in and out of your dick hole and cum hard enough to break a window.
Edison did a musket shot and broke his neighbor's window
by edmond383 February 17, 2015
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