music is what makes the world go round. its what makes me able to smile. its what brings happiness at the saddest times in life. its just great. mtv may be ruining music like it was posted before, but real, good music will never die!
music is what makes me wake up with a smile on my face
by Gerard's Prison Mate August 28, 2005
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A piece of art usually needing talent or feelings to play unlike the over-rated mainstream you hear everywhere. Normally it shouldn't deal with how you dress or who you pretend to be. It is something that actually has a melody to it and not a three minute song with chorus made up of two bar chords.
Person 1: Hey did you see 50 Cent yesterday on MTV?
Person 2: Sorry, I was to busy listening to music.
by travis March 13, 2005
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Music is just sequences of sounds and sometimes vocals put together.

Now, it has become categories in which today's people has put themselves in express to the world what they represent or what they want to represent.

Categories like gangstas,punk rockers, ravers, ginos, metal rockers, etc.

What I don't understand is why these categories constantly attack each other and their taste, most of the people who actually truly align themselves into a single demographic (most noticable are the "gangstas", but rockers are catching up...) Actually got into that music because it was the fad at the time.

This saying that people aren't truly expressing themselves, but are just emulating what's on TV or what their older friends do.

Music is music. All music is related to each other so make fun of one genre and you will make fun of every genre.
Background music of Rap -> Simple generalized electronic music -> Disco -> "Funky type rock" -> Regular rock -> Country -> Vocals -> Operas(classical singing sorta thing) -> poetry -> rap
by Yourname April 16, 2004
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THE most versatile and universal means of expression. Also largely a matter of opinion and apparently something money-makers try to "own."

Music has also been, might I add very wrongly, divided into categories/sub-categories called "genres" that's created an immense level of disunity between music lovers everywhere, causing one group to attack another in favor of their preferred "genre." Really no different from the "money-makers" who try to "own" it.

Rather silly, really, but we're human.
This is an example of the definition for the word, "music."
by amalga June 26, 2004
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