One who is quite knowledgeable about music. Every time they get engaged in an arguement about music, they win. They usually play at least one instrument and are good at it. They can read and/or improv really well. They seem (and probably do) to know the answers to just about every bit of music trivia. They also seem to have heard everything and know about all the cool bands before you and everyone else.
Person 1: "Have you heard this really cool song by this really cool band?"
Person 2: "Of course! I heard it the day after it came out!"
Person 1: "You're such a music nerd!"
Person 2: "I know! Should I start learning mandolin or bassoon next week? I can't decide..."
Person 1: "Well, you ALREADY play at least 27 instrument... But I'd go with bassoon."
by Elfiepie December 19, 2013
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A person or a friend who is heavily in to music They listen to music all the time and you can't always talk to them because they are in their own little world.

Some play an instrument like the piano or trumpet. After they play one song they know it by heart. They are often kind people when you talk to them, but you mess up a song and they will go ballistic. They wear over sized glasses or just plain glasses and are always out of style.
Girl: "Did you see him?! He played so well."
Guy: "Yeah I saw him and he's a music nerd, I mean look at those glasses."
Girl: " I guess he is nerdy with those glasses on."
by musicwomen May 17, 2010
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The only kind of nerd that can actually impresses you with their skills.
"woah that guy's so good at guitar! he must be a music nerd or something"
by musicdude April 17, 2010
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A prestigious sub-club at NHC consisting of members with a good taste in music.
OK Computer was voted the best album of all time by the MNK.
by pseudonym pete March 27, 2004
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