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A fake mustache - often ridiculous looking and intended to be funny or ironic. It is most often seen on hipsters and is the primary basis of a mustache party.

It is believed that an individual is given special "douche powers" when wearing a musdouche, which make them intolerable to anyone other than legitimate douchebags and fellow musdouche wearers. Once the musdouche is removed, the individual in question typically returns to their normal state.
Girl one: "Oh good grief. That guy with the musdouche hasn't shut up since he got to the party."

Girl two: "Yeah, he's usually a cool guy, but the force of the musdouche is strong with him."
by sudanhim December 08, 2011
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noun, MUS-doosh, a douchey mustache. Usage is subjective but generally refers to a thin, closely cropped mustache.
1st guy: Have you seen Kyle?

2nd guy: Yeah. Looks like he's trying to grow a musdouche. LOL.
by twilyth July 13, 2010
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