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A ginger locked one, Usually to be found stalking the avenues of C Wood by night holding a bottle of merlot.
Is famed for use of the moop,haroo, and takes credit for the invention of the haroop..........
"My, what unusual hair, is it a Muscutt"

"I saw Muscutt in Rays bring and buy today, she swept past with her locks ablaze, in a cloud of moops and haroo's"

"muscuttesque" (Raphaelite)

by Jmoopchelmbo April 01, 2008
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an unfriendly or mean boner. when fully erect tends to knock things off of tables, poke at things, and point at others in a threatening way. muscutts are known to spit on faces and/or slap the soft body parts of lovely females. muscutts have been found in odd places like between couch cushions, in a bowl of cereal or stuffed into a shoe. if you encounter a muscutt, treat it with care and respect. compliment it and pet it. always pet it.
my muscutt is always in my hand, ready for battle.
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by roaring mouth May 20, 2018
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