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Murph Syndrome is an example of a naturally occurring deficiency in self-confidence. It is characterised by a total failure to convert opportunities that present themselves to you. The only cure is encouragement from friends, and even then sufferers will never attain the levels of conversion achieved by non-sufferers. Sufferers can experience outbreaks of the syndrome in numerous spheres - however it most commonly occurs when propositioning the opposite sex. Murph syndrome sufferers are often outwardly confident, some even arrogant, however sufferers lose this in the heat of the moment.
Dude 1: Hey man, you know you took that girl for coffee yesterday, how'd it go?

Dude 2: Well I was gonna kiss her but my Murph Syndrome struck and all I got was a peck on the cheek

Football commentator: He's on the ball, baring down on goal, but oh no! What's this? Murph Syndrome has hit him at the worst possible time and he has passed it back to his own goalkeeper!
by Balls deep polak May 05, 2011
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