Corporate, hawkish Chistian-Right version of America. Often compared to the America that invaded Afganistan and Iraq.

Somewhat synonymous with the Spanish Inquisition and the SS in their disregard for the innacuracy of torture-derived surveillance.
"Death to the dogs of Murika!"

"Those Murikans don't care who they trample over"
by Voicebox February 22, 2006
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1) plural noun - A stylized way hypernationalists of the United States of America say that they are "an American". It is typically only stated about someone who is a couple pickles short of a pie; or not the sharpest knife in the pond. That is, too stupid to even pronounce the word that indicates their nation of origin, while demanding all must know that it's the "gratest countriee in the whurld."

While it would seem to be a derogatory reference, those who say it frequently take pride in the 'Murika!ness.

Derived from Murika and 'Murika. Also related to the 1987 TV miniseries "Amerika", which they never watched, but believe it must be a tribute to the greatness of Amerika. The word has no relationship to the village Murika (population: 37) in Saaremaa Parish, Saare County, western Estonia.

2) plural noun - A group of people who would be known for espousing 'Murika!-isms.
Real 'Murika!ns know that Murika! is the greatest country on the world sic.
by JWSmythe June 9, 2021
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