A noun,
To be so damn good and professional in all things in life.
1. Exceptionally Skilled
2. Reflexes faster than superman on speed
3. Smarter than everyone else

Derived from gamer lingo that has grown to a common word.
He pulled a munroe to finish things in under 2 mins.
Check out Munroe now his da man
He must have done a munroe to score 100% on his test
by Professional Munroe November 28, 2006
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A last name heiled from scottland that is a bunch of kick ass people, and that you shouldn't mess with. You don't want to get on the bad side of them. Their like the godfather family, utterly ruthless and share no mercy to people that piss them off. They are awesome people that everyone want's to be like and worships them. They are the kings and queens.
don't pull a munro on me
by LYCRA! August 25, 2010
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i) Having a very good time though there is every possibility that the night could end in tears or trouble...Friday night, anyone?

ii) Becoming drunker than anyone has hitherto been drunk before, whilst maintaining a certain elegance and grace.

iii) Rambling incoherently and obscenely about Protestants

iv) Shouting 'SCANLON!' at the top of ones voice.
"I was walking around Borough Market the other day when an uncontrollable urge to came over me, and I started Munroeing....SCANLON!"
by James Hollands March 8, 2012
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I was walking down some stairs in San Francisco last weekend and Munroed my ass!
by Aaron Smith June 17, 2004
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A "Munro"

The rude act of leaving without saying a word.

Originating from a homo from broadmeadows.
by MIGHTY.McDANLE.KNACK3RZ June 30, 2018
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A best friend who likes to fuck your boyfriend and then becomes a bitch when you catch him.
I caught that munro fucking my boyfriend so I threw the bitch out the window.
by Shifty KK March 28, 2017
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IS a verb meaning to be kick ass at everything, big and small. This may be physically, spirtitually, mentally, telepathically, grammatically, metaphoricaly, heroically, and of course sexually.
" I heard he can munro like no other"
" that was so bad-ass the way u munroed a second ago"
" The way she munros should be photographed"
" I wanna learn to munro like that"
by Lars... March 8, 2006
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