A simple & inferior version of Rugby, tagged as "league" by some, which is played by Mungo simpletons. "Ball" is simply added to the end to specify the game rather then the players or fans.

Preferred by low intellect Northerners and Australians due to the simple form of tackling, the number of phases allowed in any possession able to be counted on one hand and the low intellect required for the rules required as suffered by locals of those regions.
Only idiots in the Media or fuckwit northerners & Convicts think Mungoball is an entertaining form of rugby.
by Mungoball March 17, 2010
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A derogatory name for rugby league often used by rugby union fans
Rugby union fans love to call rugby league β€˜mungoball’ because their own game is a complex game played by wankers who aren’t good enough to play league.
by Puig Aubert June 25, 2018
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