The word that have inspired Shanye Topp to right a series of books with various titles like "The Return of the Munge", "The Munge Strikes Back", "Temple of the Crystal Munge", "Top Munge", and "Paul Blart Munge Cop" on the Smosh Games YouTube channel segment Maricraft.
Mom: How was school Billy?
Billy: GREAT! But boy am I hungry.
Mom: Oh yeah? Well I know just the thing you need

Mom reaches into the fridge, and pulls out MUNGEABLES.
by MUNGETOPP July 31, 2017
A multi use word in Shayne Topps erotic novel
Let me touch your munge
by Liliadorabl76 November 7, 2017
Old and semi-withered vagina.
Girl 1: Do you and your husband still “do it”?

Girl 2: Of course! This Munge ain’t gonna suck itself.
by Urmomsmunge February 5, 2019
A word meaning to enthusiastically give oral stimulation to female genitalia.

Originally coined by Glasgow comedian Murray Paton, this word is a clever portmanteau of 'munch (to eat voraciously) and 'minge' (Scottish colloquialism for vagina.)
'I'm dying for a munge.'
'I'd love to give her a munge!'
by The Mogul April 28, 2015
To Munge (derivative of the italian term mangia, meaning eat) is to orally stimulate a female's vagina by "eating her out". Will usually result in an orgasm, and is often followed by a blowjob (if not done already) and or intercourse, as well as an increased willingness to make you sandwiches.
Bob: hey Fred, you having olga over tonight?
Fred: yeah man, gonna have a munge.

Bob: infinite sandwiches for you.

*high five*
by bob von bobson December 29, 2015
Oh man I'd give anything to get a piece of Stacy's munge!
by ElseMeisterJ August 1, 2017