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When two or three people go to a graveyard and dig up a female dead body. One person puts their mouth on the body's slightly decayed vagina while the other person or people jump onto the body's stomach shooting the mung through the vagina and into the first person's mouth.
Everyone seems to say that my farts smell like one rat crawled up my ass and died. Then two more rats crawled up there, had a Mung Party then died.
by Uberswede October 07, 2011
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Mung is a gooey substance formed when the body dies and the internal organs rot, turning into human gravy inside the body. Often times when coroners find a females body days after death mung will ooze out the female organs when moving the body. Coroners jokingly describe this as a mung party.
Wow Fred, we picked up that girl at the abandoned house downtown, you missed quite a mung party.
by baron von zuth June 28, 2005
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