A reddish-orange sauce made from the unknown. Typically found in carry-outs in D.C. Goes well on chicken wings, french fries and when a lil' bit drips on your fried rice
"Let me get six wings with mumbo sauce"
Chinese Lady: " You wan sal, peppa, ketcha, mumbo sauce on ya french fry"
by cocochanel October 22, 2005
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A true DC delicacy sauce added to deep-fried fatty food such as chicken wings and fries from Chinese slash subs slash seafood slash pizza joints at 2am after a night of hard drinking. Nowhere else in the world have I found this unique, addictive addition to 5 wings & fries.
(Through the bullet-proof glass window at 2am) "Gimme 5 wings, fries, extra extra mumbo sauce; kethup salt and pepper on the fries!
by esotericus01 April 09, 2009
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A D.C. metropolitian area Chinese carry-out sauce delicacy primarily added to French Fries and Chicken. Origin unknown...but became very popular during mid-late 80's.
"Ms. Kim, can you please squirt some more Mumbo sauce on my wings"
by Go-Go November 29, 2007
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Sweet sauce similar to bar-b-que sauce typically served with fried chicken wings at chinese take out joints in da'hood.
While speaking through a little hole in bullet proof glass at the all night chinese joint, "Yo I want six wings fried extra hard with mumbo sauce".
by Jam November 22, 2003
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A sweet red sauce found mostly at Chinese carry outs in the dc/metro area. Most popularly put on fried chicken wings and french fries. Country of origin is South Korea. Ingredients: ketchup, vinegar, and sugar but hot sauce can be added.
by jjong July 27, 2008
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Mumbo Sauce is actually a delicious sweet and tangy bbq sauce created in 1950 by Chicago entrepreneur and restaurant owner, Argia B. Collins, Sr. His famous south side barbecue joints featured succulent ribs and delicious fried chicken & fries all served drinched in his finger licking sauce. He obtained a registered trademark for Mumbo Sauce as early as 1950 and soon after began marketing and distributing the authentic Mumbo Sauce brand throughout the U.S.
Mumbo, Mumbo Sauce, Mumbo BBQ Sauce, fried chicken, Argia B's Mumbo Sauce
by Mumbo Sauce February 11, 2009
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Popular dipping sauce in Chinese carryouts that serve soul food (e.g. fried chicken wings & French fries), found primarily in Maryland and Washington, D.C. It can pronounced as "Mumbo Sauce" OR "Mambo Sauce."

Blend plain BBQ sauce, soy sauce, and plenty of sugar in a container. Other variations include ketchup. Color ranges from deep red to light red, to red-orange. Consistency ranges from a BBQ sauce-thick to hot sauce- thin.

Thrifty carryouts are known to add water to cut costs! Hot sauce is not normally added to Mumbo/Mambo Sauce.
"The lady at the carryout always give me extra soy sauce, duck sauce, but never extra mumbo sauce!"
by blasian32 August 09, 2008
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