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Muggus is a man/woman with a huge body and a small penis he/she likes to spend afternoons with a cup of claranara sauce and watching mickey mouse clubhouse. He is very well knowledge in the show he knows all the charecters his favorite is clarabelle the cow moo mooo
It's a muggus everybody run before he eats your food

Would you like a special order of claranara sauce made by muggus
by Claranara sauce March 13, 2017
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An individual who has uncertain moral values and is often under the effects of several mind altering substances.
Best affiliated with sex, drugs,rock & roll and philosophy.
Muggus is whacked man!
by Muggus November 26, 2003
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A person you studies very hard and with dedication
"Exams are far off, but he'll remain a muggu afterall"
by theambivert November 18, 2016
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