Another name for a homosexual man. Sometimes referred to as a rainbow fish. There are many fish in the sea metaphorically, but mudfish tend to seek out mates of the same sex. They get this title because of the mud-like fecal matter that coats their genitalia after sexual intercourse.
That mudfish really enjoys penis in pooper.
by Tha Luv $hack September 5, 2010
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A variation on the popular shocker, the mudfish incorporates the use of the pointer finger, with the middle finger bent and the pinky and ring fingers stuck straight out. The pointer is inserted into the vagina, while the ring and pinky fingers are inserted into the anus. This name speaks to ones desire to venture into dark muddy places, just as certain fish do.
After I gave her the mudfish, she didn't poo right for a week.
by EzzieDub May 23, 2006
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A penis that is dirty from anal sex and inserted into a vagina.
Damn, that boy gave her a mudfish!
by Cuchi October 2, 2003
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Taking to long to get to the point. In music technology, an epically long introduction.
Gees, she's mudfishing that story.
by The Clutzy Einstien October 9, 2008
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: searching for an item in an anus, usually a condom, lost primarily during intercourse, though it can be lost during

// My buddy had some cock shrinkage last night and had to go MudFishing.

// “_____ was being dirty with a cucumber last night, lost the condom, and asked if I could go mudfishing.”

// “A doctor at the ER went mudfishing for an undersized butt plug I bought myself online.”
by Dilbo Deebelbrox August 3, 2021
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