A newfoundlanders term for mother.
Im goin up round the bay today to see me Mudder
by Ncg13 April 16, 2017
A type of human excrement that when released is impossible to be removed from the anal area with toilet paper alone. It generally needs some form of washcloth, wet-wipe or bidet to obtain a thorough cleaning.
Aww man, I just took a shit and it was a mudder. Now I'll have dirty underwear for the rest of the day.
by fretless31 December 25, 2012
A person who plays online RPG text games all day as opposed to more mainstream graphical games.
Guy1: Hey man did you check out realms of despair?
Guy2: Hell Yeah! I'm a hardcore Mudder
by AlabamaSlamma March 30, 2009
a person who likes to go muddin.
most likey owns a mud-truck to go muddin in.
wears steel toed boots.
thinks they're the shit but are really just the mudders.
That Mudder must have went muddin. hes got mud all over his mud-truck and boots.

yeah what a mudder trucker.
by Kelsie UU July 27, 2009
Alternative word for one's mother in the Ennis region of Ireland. It is occasionally spelt "muder", but the meaning remains the same.
"Hai you, don'choo be tahlkin' 'bou' my mudder or oi'll putchyowr tayte in yowr belly!!"
by Ciocrasfola December 28, 2011
mudder:that cherokee was so bad it ran ghostbusters off da road
by badass67 June 11, 2009
A horse that loves the slop... eats it up.
This horse is a winner. His father was a mudder, his mother was a mudder..... His mother was a mudder??
What did i just say!!!
by The spencinator March 26, 2005