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It is the scat equivalent of "snowballing" (which would normally happen with semen). It means swapping feces back and forth between two people's mouths.
Nile is a weirdo, he tried mudballing wih his gf before
by Kyle Glue February 18, 2018
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And upgraded form of tea bagging. This is done by covering one's own testicles in fecal matter before placing them against the face of the victim.
"You goin' to let him get away with mud balling you?!"
by Mistearea April 26, 2013
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When you poop into one's ass and they reciprocate the poop and it gains in mass as it travels back in forth.
Steve "I'm gonna poop in your butt."
Lindsay "I'm gonna poop it back in your butt"
Steve "Mudballing. Hawt."
by Shadow Kunai June 11, 2011
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