To latch onto, tear into, hold fast, grip, or grasp as an object or concept.
1) Muckle on the end of that, and fetch it on up.

2) Johnson's body was a sight to see when they dragged it on up from the bay, with 5 great big lobstah muckled onto him.

3) Joe's wife was some steamed, why she muckled right onto him as he came through the door. Pert neah killed him, she did.
by n44w69 May 7, 2007
To cover inanimate objects in glitter in a vain attempt to make them appealing enough to buy. Added loyalist images tend to cater for a niche market.
"She muckled the daylights out of those wine glasses!"
An American game using a football consisting of at least two players, but the amount of players can be infinite. One throws the football in the air, and yells out muckle. When the ball drops any player can grab it and try to run to a determined end zone. All the other players will have to try and tackle the player. Once the player is tackled, he has to restart the game (although scores are preserved). If the player does not want to be tackled, he can toss the ball up beforehand and yell muckle to begin the game again. Scoring is customizable, as is final score. Good game to play if you have an uneven amount of players for an actual football game.
Player 1: Let's go play muckle!

Player 2: What's muckle?

Player 1: It's kind of like a rugby scrum, but better.
by DDYGottaBigGunn August 16, 2011
"Muckle is the majesty of the cosmos"

"the Great Pyramid of Giza is muckle"

"Ya hoor, he's f**kin' muckle!"
by Snakeheid October 16, 2003
Bigger than Big
*Girl One*Yo that Mr Big on SATC is nothing compared to my man

*Girl 2*Your man is a Mr Muckle
by brownfingersup November 9, 2009
A word for the female 'vagina'
yeah she took a picture of her muckle! it was sick!!
by The Steele May 8, 2011
v. To ruin, deface, screw up, injur, destroy, obliterate, or damage irreparably.
It seems as though I have MUCKLED my paper by spilling highly corrosive chemicals upon it.

Dan and Brad decided to MUCKLE Mr. Josh's computer so he could no longer accumulate pips.

Good heavens Wall Bob! You MUCKLED my foot!, exclaimed Mr. Josh after his carpenter dropped a 4x4 beam on it.

Jimmy, please stop your dog before he MUCKLES my furniture.
by UNHDan March 5, 2007