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Mrs. Palmer is a person who is middle-aged, high pitched and a person who usually loves the subject history. She is a bit overweight, but it's ok because she seems to get her excersize walking the long way to classes, occasionally becoming very late.
Mrs. Palmer says the word "um" every 5 seconds, and holds a record of saying it 376 times in one lesson. When a class becomes noisy, she yells 'Excuse us' to get everyone's attention. She sends bad students out of class, and yells at them, but the students are very unconvinced of her quiet shouting voice.
Mrs. Palmer is quite deaf and blind, and quiet, making it hard to give everybody education.
Person 1: Hey, guess what?
Person 2: What?
Person 1: I was in a class the other day, and the teacher had to check our work when we went out the classroom. I forgot to do mine, so I used my friend's book instead! She didn't even notice that the same book was handed up to her twice!
Person 2: WOW, how lucky! That must have been Mrs. Palmer!
by WafflesTheNinja October 18, 2011
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