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the Satan spawn in the New England area
Holy s#@t its Mrs. Brown, run for your lives
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by bu11seye456 April 03, 2017
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Fat whore who can’t get her fucking facts straight. When she wheighs herself the scale breaks. She takes drugs during class and chugs diet cokes like a fucking gorilla. Weight: Unknown
FUCK ITS Mrs.Brown RUN!! Wait no just walk
by The whore herself October 22, 2018
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Another name for the drug Heroin

Lyric used in the libertines' 'music when the lights go out'
Hurry up Mrs Brown
(Wanting the effects of heroin to kick in)
by Edddd August 26, 2006
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An overly-kind teacher that puts others before herself. Constantly being kind and making others smile.
Dude, my ELA teacher is such a Mrs.Brown.

I went to the principal and didn't get in trouble! She is such a Mrs.Brown
by FundeaDefinitons May 28, 2018
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