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STARFUCKERS DJ from Sydney, Australia.

With the style and grace reminiscent of late night info-mercials and E channel cliff-hangers, Resident ‘Main Course’ DJ Mr.Disorder (mid-morning audio hussey & Co-founder of the STARFUCKERS brand) delights audiences Australia wide with his unique brand of dance garbage.

Combining dirty electro, faggy pop rubbish, and TV Show theme songs, Mr. Disorder’s sets are an eclectic mix of all that you would expect to hear from STARFUCKERS' premier DJ.

Birthed from the loins of the finest in the business, it's not just the free head jobs he gives out in the toilets that keep munters coming back for more.

Co-Mixer of Neon Nights 1 & 2, LAW & DISORDER, & General C Grade Darlo Celeb basher, Mr. Disorder is STARFUCKERS star attraction (and some might say, everyone's favourite ride!)

"I'm going to go to 77 tonight, get munted and listen to Mr. Disorder's set."
by GeorgeParnis August 26, 2008
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