A dirty nigger who fucks your mother. Usually leaving her tied to the bed, meaning you need to untie her the next morning. Could also refer to a nigger who fucks your mother over, by stealing from her purse, etc...
The cottonpicking bitch was being a motherfucking nigger at my house yesterday.
by DirtyMikeAndTheBoys August 23, 2011
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An insult used against iDubbbzTV in the video "iDubbbz VS Pisces Rock will never die, Mother F#$ker."
Since the original usage of the term, iDubbbz has been given the nickname "Nigger Faggot" by his fans, with the primary functionality of being the addressee name on his "Bad Unboxing: Fanmail" series.
Friend 1: Hey, did you see the new iDubbbz video?
Frind 2: No. I don't watch videos made by motherfucking motherfucking nigger faggots.
by Trigger_Puller June 14, 2017
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