3 definitions by DirtyMikeAndTheBoys

When a man shoots so much cum out of his penis that the girl taking the load gets a tsunami of jizz cannonballed at her open mouth which then begins a cycle in which the girl swallows the cum and or spits it out.
Man, she got a monster jizz blast last night, she had to take another shower to get it out of her hair.
by DirtyMikeAndTheBoys September 18, 2010
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The act of receiving head on a bumpy road while having the sunroof open, as the make ejaculates, pulls her head away and shoots his load out the sunroof while simultaneously hitting the breaks, landing the load on the windshield then using it to clean his windshield
"Man your car looks so clean!" "Yeah that's because Gina just have me Rocky Mountain road head."
by DirtyMikeAndTheBoys March 31, 2014
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