To "fake grind," barely moving the hips and staying as far away from your partner as possible
by Bayso March 6, 2005
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A frind is a friend who doesn't know how to spell.
John is my frind because he failed the spelling bee.
by adflmdalfsm,sf March 13, 2022
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Chris: Dude, you were all over Heather last night on the dance floor.
Alex: Ah man, it wasn't like that, we were just frinding.
by AO, C^2 and Little Bear February 28, 2011
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Grinding with a friend(s) of the opposite sex just to have a good time not in a sexual way . Typically happens at school dances
Oh they were frinding at homecoming in Saturday they were having a lot of fun
by $noopsh October 7, 2013
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