to be completely drunk
by dalore December 1, 2005
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A legally binding contract that allows a financial institution to rape you every month for the next 20-30 years. In return, you get the privilege of maintaining a dwelling out of your own pocket without actually owning it.
1. So what'll it be this month Honey, pay the mortgage or get the driveway fixed?

2. I used to have disposable income. Now I have a mortgage instead.
by HighwayRobber October 1, 2015
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Middle class slavery.

Investment bankers buy your home loans and manage you like cattle to make even more undeserved money. For some reason people are satisfied with the illusion that they own a small plot of land with a small box on it. Sure you can make a profit if you know how to flip real estate, but good luck paying your sub-prime mortgage with the job you just loss thanks to this fucked up economy.

Millions felt entitled to live in gaudy McMansions they couldn't afford for the life they though they were entitled to. Bankers took advantage of these people, thus the sub-prime mortgage crisis.
by captainao February 20, 2009
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That weight around your neck that will never be alleviated until you (1) DIE or (2) eventually pay off by the time you are 107.
I would enjoy life but I have a mortgage.
by Lord Meatclown July 31, 2003
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1) A loan against your property
2) Something that a homeowner might possess in his bid to own a home good and proper. Often to alleviate damage to his property incurred through it being 'owned'
Have you always had a mortgage, or did you used to like girls?
by Big Jim December 20, 2003
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possible root from the French verb "mourir" meaning to die. The English word "mortgage" refers a home owner's loan that is usually with you until you die. Usage of the French root is supposed to make it sound fancier than "loan" - but it doesn't really.
J'ai mort - meaning "I am dead"
I have a mortgage - meaning "My social life is dead b/c I own a house"
by Money Maid February 24, 2004
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The only reason you own a home.
I just closed on my mortgage. I'll be moving in to my new home next week.
by nudebuddah September 24, 2010
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