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A game of baseball invented by Morris Middleton. Played by the kids in his neighborhood, with him as coach. They will often try to hit him with a bat, but more often than not they won't. The idea of Morris Ball is to chase Morris with the bat and tag him with the ball, thus scoring a run. Whoever tags him the most times wins the game. This was first played in the Middleton's strip May 25, 2005.
Bryant: (walking down Nuthatch Lane and sees the Middleton's house. Hec is across from Bryant) Hey Hec, let's go scare Morris. Let's play Morris Ball!!!

Hec: You're on!! I used to play baseball a lot when I was a kid. Memphis Redbirds, remember?

Bryant: (chanting) I'm gonna scare on Mor-ris. I'm gonna scare on Mor-ris!

Hec: Okay, but let's be quiet so he doesn't see. (takes his baseball bat and sneaks up behind Morris tagging him)

Morris: (turns around scared) What did you do that for? Were you playing Morris Ball?

Bryant: We sure were! We just wanted to scare you.

Morris: Well, you sure scared me. Want to chase me? Try to tag me again. (he runs off laughing)

Hec: Watch out, he's sneaky! We're gonna have to get up really close to him. (starts laughing)

Bryant: (runs up behind Morris) Boo!!!! Gotcha again! Now isn't this fun?

Morris: Yes! It sure is. We'll have to teach this one to mom. She'd love it!

Bryant: Gunny Granny? She coaches this dang stuff. She wouldn't want to play it. But then again, she's probably scream if we tagged her.

Beatrice: (hearing Bryant) Who says I wouldn't want to play that. Looks like fun, honey. Can I play the next game with you, too?

Bryant: Anytime. Morris Ball is awesome.
by Dusty's Baby Powder June 18, 2011
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