“Why you be acting like a Morphy?”
by Murphy Bennett December 19, 2018
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very pretty girl who doesnt get enough credit for it.
That girl is such a kendall morphy.
by Katie Taylor December 23, 2006
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Refers to the often-experienced situation of frustration and lack of progress/advancement caused by the infamous "double-face" that so many lazy/selfish/insensitive people rapidly vacillate between, depending on current conditions --- one moment they may be robustly cheerful and agreeably open-minded, and then if someone mentions an unwelcome subject or task, they suddenly "morph" into an irritable depressed "limp rag" who does not wish to bestir himself or cooperate/assist in any way.
Morphy's Law: The level of energy/patience/good humor that someone possesses is in direct inverse proportion to the desirability of the topic under discussion, the amount of strenuous labor involved in a proposed task, etc.
by QuacksO January 4, 2017
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