It is an activity where you and your friends wear formal clothing or anything acceptable for going to the prom, and doing common things in them, like going to mcdonalds, or going bowling.
For my b-day, I want to go morping
by 55thsillyrabbit October 21, 2010
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spells prom backwords morp. Great way to ask your date!
by david harrigan April 11, 2011
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The bestest girl you’ll ever meet on discord, kind, funny, very skilled at modeling, and an overall amazing friend.
Have you met Rachel yet?

Miep Morp right?
Yeah that’s her!
She’s amazing!
by OgVineySimp June 05, 2021
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You say meep. I say morp.
I say meep. You say morp.
Me: Meep?
You: Morp.
Together: Meep morp.
by senderaya February 19, 2021
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Something that is bad or not good.
“Yo my girlfriend just broke up with me”
Damn dude thats morp
by Xx_YourMom.Com_xX December 24, 2018
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